Monday, June 25, 2007

Gettysburg Museum Weekend

This weekend the Maryland 1st Calvary, CSA camped in front of the Gettysburg Museum as our annual fund raising event to draw spectators and tourists to the Museum. Since Mark and I live so close to Gettysburg, we decided to drive back and forth each day as we did last year which added to our comfort. This is a green striped dress that I made during the spring. Mark picked out the Fabric, which came from Abraham's Lady in town. The weather was warm but not sweltering so I was able to wear coat sleeves and a wool hat.
Last weekend Abigail, with a little help from me, put together this quilt top so that the ladies would have something to work on during the weekend. That turned out to be a fantastic idea! We invited anyone at any skill level to work on this easy quilt and even taught the kids of the unit how to quilt, and it was a huge hit with the spectators. We ladies especially enjoyed it for the socializing that we did while we were quilting. We're talking about doing a more intricate one for our next project and perhaps raffling it off to raise money.
The unit had a recruitment table set up to offer the kids some reproduction Confederate money as well as sign them up for service and give them a certificate for doing so. This youngster came to us with the carved watermellon you see on his head, the back had USA carved in it. He was precious and personable and got immediately dubbed "General Watermellon". We interacted with so many people, it was just amazing. I did manage to sneak away long enough to pick up my sewing machine that had been in the shop for cleaning and adjustment, and took a couple of the ladies with me to the fabric store outside of town (Needles and Thread) that has the largest selection of Civil War reproduction fabrics that I've seen anywhere..
Mark and I took a walk downtown to eat and shop a bit and wherever we went, people stopped us and asked to take our picture either with them in it or sometimes just us. It was really fun. We've spent time in Gettysburg many times before and been in period attire, but this is the most we've ever been photographed! On Sunday, there were people opening their car windows as we walked by and snapping our picture!
This is the Striped Brown dress that I made, again with Fabric from Abrahams Lady. I ended up having to buy a new pair of period shoes this weekend, and Donna Abraham's shop had just exactly what I needed. Then on Sunday, my hoops (purchased elsewhere) came apart and were not repairable so off I walked again to the shop to replace them. I also procured a couple of quilt block books from the museum book shop on Civil War era quilts. I'm thinking I'm going to get a couple of blocks going for that. Another great weekend with our friends and immersed in history.

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