Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend started with a visit with a dear friend (Abigail) from our Reenactment Unit Saturday morning. She and I put together a twin sized charm square quilt for the unit to have a quilting project to work on at our Gettysburg event this coming weekend. We just did a simple square pattern so we could get it done in the allotted time, but it really turned out to be a striking quilt top. We used scraps and pieces that Abigail had in her stash, and stayed with the period looking ones as we'll be quilting it in public. Rusty, another of our members, had made her the beautiful quilting frame that we'll be using. Then we went up to Silver Run to visit our friend Mike and his mom and help her with her computer. We visited for awhile and I got a bunch of dog petting done on Mike's Rottwiler, Thor...and then it was off to one of our favorite relaxed places, KClingers with another couple that lives in Mike's community. It was a full day but a lot of fun! I also got my enthusiasm for quilting rekindled, and since I'm kind of getting burned out on making dresses (now I just have to sell some to make room in my closet) I think I'll try to finish some of my unfinished quilts that have been languishing in the basement for eons.
Sunday we did things around the house and then headed up to Silver Run again to work on the computer...we got to visit and it was really nice. We then went out to the u-pick orchard to look for Sour Cherries which weren't in, then grocery shopped, then had a nice dinner out of Sushi, returning home early so that I could finish this dress. I want to wear it to Gettysburg this weekend. This is a fan front bodice, pleated to take advantage of the pattern of stripes, and I didn't line the sleeves so hopefully it'll be cooler for the hot weather this time of year. I will wear it with a belt as was the period custom. I think it turned out ok though the fabric, I think, was prettier on the bolt than on the dress, you never can tell what it's going to turn out like.

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Knitting Ninja said...

The dress looks awesome! I think the srtipes go well with the construction of the dress- very slimming!