Monday, July 24, 2006

New family members

Meet our two newest sheep. I definitely have a growing collection of sheep statues (and lets not even talk about my fleece stash). These guys were so cute that I just had to have them, but I did wait until they were on deep discounted sale! My dearest hubby named them last night. The boy is "Ramsey" and the girl is "Eunice". I thought they were prefect names! DH has been working on expanding the gardens for me as our plants were getting crowded. My son brought some "Rip Rap" sized stones from the quarry in the last post for the edges of the gardens, and he gets an employee discount! I thought they would look nice on the perimeter of the garden and it is nice to have a reminder of him when I look at the garden. We've only done half of the front yard, we are planning on doing the other side as soon as we get more rocks from our "supplier". heheI did move my friend the Gator from the crowded garden to the new area. Of course, I'm from Florida and a U of F Gator so it's a perfect garden addition, even in Maryland.

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Liz said...

It looks great girlie! And Ramsey and Eunice are adorable! :) Can't wait to see them in person sometime!