Monday, July 03, 2006

Everything is just Sew-Sew

I had a few weeks of intense sewing lately. DH was on a business trip and I took the time to finish off this tea dress that I had cut out a couple of months ago, it has matching undersleeves of the same fabric as the middle of the bodice so that it looks like you're wearing a blouse and a jacket. I wore it to my living history volunteer work at the Museum and it was not as hot as some of the "up to the neck" dresses that are more correct actually for working as a spinner. I'm still spinning that big bag
of black fleece that I started in April. I'm also knitting a shawl from it and weaving several scarves to donate for support of the Living History teaching of our Reenactment Unit. After finishing the tea dress, I got busy on working through some work dresses that I can wear without hoops when the weather and conditions aren't really nice and I wouldn't want to wear a tea dress or a day dress. I got these three dresses finished for work wear. The green one is homespun fabric, and it was my first experience at working with plads and trying to match them. I'm getting better at doing piping, all three of them have piping around the neck and sleeves and the two that have cuffs are piped around the cuffs. I also am working on two blouses of solid color to wear with a couple of skirts I have made. I've been doing more research and reading into what is "period correct" as some of the suttlers in the Gettysburg region don't always have period correct fabric in their clothing. I try to improve on my own knoledge and impression each time I start another project. Happy 4 th of July everyone!


Knitting Ninja said...

Oooh, what nice colors your dresses are done in. I assume they are period correct as well? Hope you are having a terrific Fourth! Knitting Ninja (Loraine)

Liz said...

You did such a lovely job on all those dresses!

Hope you and your hubby are having a great summer! Hopefully we can all get together again soon! We miss you guys! :)