Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meg's Graduation and catching up a bit

This is a long overdue catch up post about our trip to Michigan for our youngest's High School Graduation (with honors, this proud step-mom has to mention!). We left late Thursday night. This is the New Graduate here with Roses that her Paternal Grandmother (better known as "Nanny") got for her. These pictures were taken the day after the graduation which was held on Friday night at a beautiful pavilion on
the grounds of the local University. It was a beautiful evening, a bit crisp but after a day of off and on rain, the weather cleared up and we enjoyed the graduation. It was a wonderful beginning to a lovely weekend full of family and fun. Mark's Mom and Dad came in from Illinois for the big event, and to spend time with everyone. Friday night we were pleased to have dinner with all three of our boys as well as Nanny and Poppa, then back to the hotel for some very needed rest after driving all night the night before. We went shopping with Nanny and Poppa early in the day after the Graduation while Meg was recovering from her all night party after graduation by sleeping late. Then we met back up with everyone later on for dinner. We had a wonderful Italian dinner together,and Jon was able to get the time off to go as well. Here's a picture of Jon and Meg "computing". On the way from Maryland to Michigan Jon, Mark and I stopped at Frankenmuth to drop off some fleeces that I'd had in the well as some Llama that had just arrived a day or so before. All together we brought 99.5 pounds of fiber to be processed. I can't wait to get it all back! My own personal fleeces (like my favorite CVM's from Myrtle) were in this load, and I even purchased some Peach colored unidentified roving that was abandonded at the Mill. I think it's Corriedale, and I'm enjoying spinning it on my Louet.

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