Wednesday, June 14, 2006

By way of apology for hermiting

June is always a tough month for me, and I know that I tend to become a bit of a hermit (more than flying, and working in general make me). I'm sorry. Today is Flag Day, June 14. It was also the anniversary of my Parents wedding, and the day that is exactly in the middle of the dates on which they passed away. Mom died on June 12 and Dad on June 16, though not in the same year. Needless to say, this time of year I am pretty darn quiet and reflective. And prone to tears...don't worry it isn't PMS! I have actually been trying to keep myself busier than usual, and have gone back to working on a lace sock that I started in January, since the shawl I've been working on during our explorations in the car is in the car as we speak, and the car is at the mechanics being repaired. I'll get a picture as soon as the car and the shawl are returned. I'm off to my volunteer job in a skirt that I made of fabric that Mark picked out yesterday afternoon. Have a good day, everyone. And please, call your Mom and Dad and tell them that you love them if you're lucky enough to have them still with you.


Liz said...

Oh, I completely understand the need and desire to hermit. I'm in one of those phases myself... Don't forget to be good to yourself Vicki. You are a treasure to all of us that know you and your parents were so very lucky to have such a great woman for a daughter.

Fiber addikt said...

Thank you…but I feel truly blessed for the good people that are in my life. I treasure you, Liz, and Kirk (and Max). Thank you for being such wonderful and understanding friends. :)