Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Branching out

Every one of our weekends is packed full, and every week day is occupied either by flying or by working with the business, and I'm sorely behind on that! So what did I do? I started another project! I started making hair ornaments for victorian/Civil War era dresses as I just wasn't going to pay those prices that most places in Gettysburg were charging. I am letting my hair grow longer, but for now I have a hair fall that I needed a lacy comb to cover up where it meets my own hair. I've been getting ribbons and flowers and hope to have more of a selection in the future to share with the ladies in my group.
But lest you think I'm not doing anything fibery, here's the "Rosemarkie" vest at it's present state. I have about 3.5 inches to go before I begin the steeks for the armholes. I'm enjoying the pattern and the process even though I have little time to work on it with my flying schedule. And if I'm not busy enough, I bought several period patterns so now I have to dig out my sewing machine and express my creative side through making clothing. That's another story, but no hurry on that!

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