Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The traveling show

We're leaving tonight with a basket full of fiber and a knitting bag full of stuff to work on on the way. It's 14 hours drive to Nanny and Poppa's house, and by golly, I'd better get lots done along the way! I took a picture of my shawl which is made of handspun shetland that has emerged from a fleece I bought at Rheinbeck from one of the booths that had a lot of beautiful fleeces, and yes, I did buy more than one. (I don't know what happened, they dropped into my bag! lol) The fleece was black tipped with grey along the shaft and white towards where it was sheared, but as you can see, after a quick trip through the carder it became grey. It's actually varigated at times, and has a very pleasant sheen to it. I have to spin a bunch today as I'm out of yarn for the trip and need to get more into the knitting bag before we leave. I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and safe travels if you're going out of town to visit.

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Amie said...

Travel very safely! I think I saw you on Knitters Review!