Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long time no see

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging at all, and I apologize. I'm sure all of my blog followers have now deleted me because I haven't been posting. I do have an excuse, I have been in school. Starting the third week of August, I have been taking 9 credit hours and spending all of my time doing homework, studying, and trying to hold the rest of my life such as work and volunteering and activities together.

I haven't been sewing, knitting, or reenacting, I have put the rest of my life (besides work and the museum) on hold because my degree work is so important to me. In July and August, I took only two classes, but even then I realized that I needed to set up a study area so prior to Fall semester, I brought up a table and got my study desk set up. Here's Belle checking it out and making sure that everyone else knew that she was in charge by putting her scent all over the place.

Sam and Rose decided that the table was a good place to take a nap. I have spent many hours at that table and today I am studying for final exams (I'm on a study break now) so I thought I'd take a moment to blog.

Part of my strategy for my semester is to hit the studies really hard during the week so that I can spend time with hubby on the weekend. We happened upon this cat show at the Fairgrounds when coming home from taking some things to the dump. We decided spur of the moment to go in and we enjoyed seeing all of the cats. We walked through where the owners all have their cats and kittens in the other half of the room from the show area and we saw breeds we'd never seen except on tv or in our Cat Fancy magazine. (We still love and treasure our Moggy cats, no pure bred cats for us, our favorite breed is "rescued"!)

Prior to each judging the cats are brought out to the individual rings. The owners can just carry them all over the place without the cats being at all nervous, I suppose most of these animals have been shown all of their lives. We decided to watch one of the judging because the judge of the ring was so full of personality and had everyone laughing and enjoying his assessment of the cats in his division.
The show was mostly for pure bred cats, but there was a division for "housecats" and mixed breeds which I absolutely loved! Some shows even have agility courses for the cats to run, but this one did not.

Here's the judge playing with a Havana Brown cat using a feather. The judge was so much fun to watch, you could tell he was doing something he really enjoyed and the cats knew that he loved them, it was easy to tell. We stayed around for a little while watching the show and then went home to our own "champions".

One of the things I have done this semester has been to journal each week and I will try to carry that through and at least blog once a month. I usually forget to carry my camera when I go out, so I will have to be better about taking pictures to add to my blog. Thank you to my loyal followers, I'll really make an effort to get back on track.

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