Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Yipee, finally finished!

Sorry, I've been bad about posting pictures of my finished dresses here. I mostly post on facebook but I know that not everyone is on there. So here are the ones I've finished lately.

This first one is made of silk taffeta with black velvet ribbon trim. It has sleeve jockeys and pagota sleeves, and I made a new set of undersleetes for the dress. I always make new collars and cuffs for my dresses, thus this is a new collar as well. It has covered buttons in black down the front. I will wear a black velvet ribbon belt with it.

This dress drove me nuts while I was working on it. I have a lot of knife pleated trim on the sleeves and bottom of the dress, it took a lot of extra fabric and time but I think it came out well.

I just finished this bonnet last night using Miller's Milinary's pattern for a low brim bonnet. I used brown silk dupioni (yes, I know they didn't use dupioni but it's what I had in the stash. The flowers are silk, and it's unlined like the majority of originals I've seen. I really loved the pattern and will definitely use it again.

Side view of the new bonnet showing the green ribbon I used to trim the bonnet as well as for decorative ties. I used feathers on one side. It was hard to decide how to trim this, I think it took more time to trim it than to make it. I pinned and repinned trim options on before sewing. It goes with the dress at the bottom of the page and a few others in my closet.

This is my black silk mourning dress. I used the same black velvet ribbon to trim this dress that I used on the red and green dress. I have ordered more ribbon so that I can put some trim on the skirt. It has black cotton hem facings, black hem tape on the bottom, and of course, new collars and cuffs. I didn't put a wide "weeping cuff" on this dress since I won't be needing to wipe my nose on the cuffs. I'm making a mourning dress out of light weight wool now since I won't want to wear this silk taffeta out in bad weather or it'll get ruined.

This is my cotton outdoors dress that Mark picked out the fabric for. It's a reproduction print of an 1850's ish print. It's simple with a little bit of grosgrain ribbon trim and I probably won't put anything else on the bodice but I will as usual add a belt.

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