Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home again

I really enjoy long drives when my hubby is driving, and truly look forward to driving vacations with him. I tend to get a lot of knitting done and it's fun listening to the radio, singing along, talking to my honey, and knitting at the same time. It would take a month of knitting at home to get all the things worked on that I do in one trip, and it certainly makes the time go by a lot faster. This is a shot pretty near the beginning of the trip home of the projects on the needles. The rest of the pictures I took after returning home.
This sock is the 2008 September Socks that Rock club entry, Cloning Anenome Rib. I finished it Friday at Nanny's. I actually cast on and did about 2 inches of the cuff of the second sock while in the car on the way back. I absolutely love these colors. It's an easy cable pattern every 4 rows on the leg, and easily memorized, I don't even have to look at the pattern anymore.
This one is the 2009 September kit entry, Knetted. I finished this one in the car yesterday, cast on the second sock, and got the ribbing portion at the top of the cuff finished. Establishing the pattern after that involves a lot of counting and looking down at the pattern and I do get a bit queasy in the car if I look down at a pattern too much. I decided to wait and leave this one for home. The colors on this one are so beautiful and subdued, perfect for the autumn and winter. This one is an ankle length slouchy cuffed sock, and I didn't think I was going to like it at first when the kit came, but it seems to be growing on me.
This is the Cat mitten that I bought at the yarn shop in Davenport along with this yarn. I finished it down to the weaving of the top which I was able to do in the car. The thumb needs to be done but that is another project for home, as it'll involve looking at the pattern too much for me to do in the car without getting queasy. We went back to the yarn shop on Friday where I got green yarns for the fisherman's friend mittens which are by the same designer. I normally don't use anything as heavy as this Worsted weight yarn but it's working out quite nicely in this project. It's making a very warm and soft mitten. I also got some Helen's lace yarn for a shawl that's in my Ravelry Queue and a beautiful hand painted sport weight for one of the cowls I've been wanting to make. It was a very fibery trip as well as being wonderful to see family and of course, the fantastic Thanksgiving feast!

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Fiber Ninja said...

The socks are really lovely, but that mitten, WOW!! What a cool pattern. I wish I could get as much knitting done in the car as you do.