Saturday, September 08, 2007

No, I haven't become a total hermit! :)

Ok, I've been working a lot. And I had a migraine for about 5 days. But after that was gone, I got down to work. I'd started this evening / dinner dress bodice in a class I took in August and I decided I wanted to finish it. I'd already made the skirt but I had a creator's block on the sleeves and trim. I drove up to my favorite fabric and trim outlet and found some wine colored velvet ribbon to finish off the bodice. The fabric, as you can see, is very busy so I didn't want to get too carried away with trim. You'll have to disregard the tee shirt and duct tape from my fitting shell in the cut away drop neckline. You can't see it when I have day dresses on the fitting dummy.
I just finished the huge amount of hand work on this last night, the entire inside edge of the tucker lace around the neckline had to be sewn down by hand, and the velvet ribbon also had to be sewn down. I still have to put on one hook and eye and it'll be ready to wear to camp dances at the reenactments like the one in Hanover last month. I hate to wear my silk ball gown to a camp dress outdoors so this dress is intended for those occasions.
Now, if I ever want to make baby stuff again, especially out of knit fabrics, please somebody stop me! I still have to put the snaps into the suit and finish putting the binding on the light weight blanket, but this is a suite of items that I made for the upcoming grandchild. Working on such small items is really difficult and challenging, and I've definitely decided that I'm not a fan of knits that stretch while you work with them. Still, it's all about the experience, right?
And today, while we were exploring the countryside, we found our way to the other one of those fabric and trim outlets. I was going to just buy some pattern tracing fabric and a little bit of taffeta when Mark walked through the calico and discovered that the same fabrics that the store in Gettysburg sells for $9 and $10 a yard in civil war era prints were $3.00 a yard. Needless to say, I got my winter sewing fabric both for my own dresses, and perhaps a few to sell on ebay. I already have 4 that I want to put up for sale in the spring to make room in my closet for more dresses. :) Tonight we're going to the Civil War informal dance which we do in modern clothes. :)

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