Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hard to believe but true

I know it's hard to believe for anyone that has ever seen my office, but I managed to clean my desk off this week. I took a trip off without pay to try to catch up on paperwork with the end of the year coming and orders...I probably should have taken a before picture as well so you'd know the extent of the piles of paperwork waiting to be processed! I was particularly motivated and efficient as I was trying to keep my mind occupied so that I didn't worry as much about Jonathan. His condition hasn't improved much since he was in the hospital and I've been very worried about him. As you can see, I'm also starting on that "favorite" of holiday chores, the cards. I got quite a few done already this morning with many more to go. Now to start on the pile of fiber in my living room that needs to be weighed, measured, bagged, labeled, and put away! With the desk done, there's no excuse, right? Oh yea, I have to go to my "real" work today, I'd better start getting ready...Have a good week everyone!

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