Monday, November 27, 2006

Table for 20?

We just got back from our wonderful Thanksgiving trip to see Nanny and Poppa and the family. There were 20 for dinner and the usual house full of family that we so love and don't get to see often enough. The whole gang went to the photography studio to have a family portrait done as we hadn't had one done in 5 years. We had single family shots done as well as the whole group. Jonathan flew in from Ft. Eustis which is outside of Newport News, Virginia for the holiday and to introduce his Fiance, Laura to the family. Jon brought a present for Poppa, a set of ACU's with his rank patches on them so that the military kids could get in a picture with their Grandfather. Even Jenn's dog Nutmeg got along with Bandit, Nanny and Poppa's dog. Next year we hope to get another military picture with the addition of Nick to the Air Force, and the return of Michael from Iraq. (He should be on US soil today!)

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Anonymous said...

what a good looking bunch. :)