Monday, October 30, 2006

What a weekend!

Friday brought us two surprises, a good one that our daughter, Meghann was coming unexpectedly to visit, and a bad one that we found a serious flood in our basement. We made an appointment for a plumber to come and look at the problem and he told us what the issue was (it wasn't pretty) and after an estimate on Saturday, we have an appointment to get the problem fixed and get our water back on Monday. They're going to have to excavate our yard and replace all the pipes from the water main. sigh. But Friday, we made a trip to New Oxford, PA to pick up an order of salt-glaze pottery for the business and had Korean food (a favorite of us all) for dinner. Saturday was the Florida/Georgia game in Jacksonville, Florida. Since my absolutely favorite son-in-law is a huge Georgia fan, we had to wager on the game. Nothing too huge, but fun none the less. Mark and Meg and I went to Buffalo wild wings to watch most of the game on the huge TV's and then returned home to finish while Michael and I and Mark talked about the play by play via messenger. That's a picture of him, he's presently in Iraq. Needless to say, the Fighting Gators won the game and made me smile. Sunday was quiet, we went to Gettysburg to take care of ordering Mark's new Sergent stripes and had dinner there.


CarolineF said...

Many of my neighbors have had the excavated-yard thing over the past few years. I'm hanging in there because I don't have any trees in my front yard to destroy the terracotta pipes they put in during the 1920s. Since my pipe comes out underneath my front steps I hope we can postpone this problem indefinitely!

Fiber addikt said...

I know what you mean, Caroline, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. They actually had to go under the steps and sidewalk to the house for the pipes. It wasn't pretty. lol