Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Flannel Dress #1 finished

Oh my GAWD, this dress is finally finished. When I had the supposedly smart idea to get some nice quality flannel to make a couple of dresses out of for Cedar Creek which is always a very cold reenactment, somebody should have grabbed me by the ears and told me to try to anticipate how difficult it was going to be to make a period dress in a thick fabric. Now, mind you, I have another one that has a bodice and one sleeve finished already and the 2nd sleeve is ready to go on. The issue is the skirt and putting it all together. The skirt on this dress is 5 yards of fabric, so double and triple pleats had to be taken to pull it all together. Yikes. Talk about thick! Now, it's going to be warm, that's for sure. And yes, I know now that they didn't have cotton flannel in the 1860's, they would have made the dress from wool or wool and cotton, but I couldn't find any that would be suitable so here I am. I'm already dreading finishing the other flannel dress, but I'm going to so that I have 2 warm dresses to wear. The rest of the stash of flannel is going to become pj's and nightgowns. I'm looking forward to going back to thinner and workable cottons again. :)


CarolineF said...

Lovely dress. I CAN sew but I have always hated it - I love the starting and get mesmerized by the fabric, but the longer it goes on the more I just want to get up and run away! I'd rather knit.
So will we ever see you on a last Friday at 6pm at spinning??

Knitting Ninja said...

Hang in there!! The dress looks great, and think how warm and snuggly you'll feel in that flannel; almost like being in a bed with flannel sheets!! Loraine