Monday, August 21, 2006

Hanover Living History Weekend 2006

We spent the hot and humid weekend in Hanover, Pa with the 1st Maryland Cavalry reenacting the battle of Hanover which actually occurred before Gettysburg and delayed General J.E.B Stuart from reaching Gettysburg until the 2nd day of the battle there. The Hospital in Hanover has begun this now annual weekend to benefit its programs. The Cavalry, Troopers and Artillery of our unit performed the battle for quite a lot of spectators on both Saturday and Sunday, and the Army Old Guard's Fife and Drum Corps performed twice on Saturday which was a fantastic treat. The city had a ladies tea for us as well as a dinner Saturday. Jon had to wear his hat all weekend because of his green hair until "one of the Moms" scalped him Sunday morning and now the green mohawk resides in a ziplock bag. The spectators also toured our camp and were treated to a mock trial for treason along with a mock execution after the trial, and the ladies put on a sketch for them as well prior to a night firing of 3 of the Mountain Howitzers. Mark was the one who was "Framed" for the event and I hear from our Chief of staff that there has been an appeal to President Davis that I get a widow's pension since he was the victim of the mock-execution. He ended up dying in battle both Saturday and Sunday and once during the execution so we think it would be a good idea to keep an eye on him so he breaks the habit in the coming days!
I had to add the pictures after the post was done as there were problems on the blogspot server today.
This one is me in front of the Revolving Battery Gun on Sunday after my migraine had gotten a bit better. Mark picked out the fabric for my skirt which goes so well with the red Garibaldi blouse that I made. I am in the colors of the artillary just like the red shirts that they wear.

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