Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thank you, Secret pal!

This came in the mail yesterday, a package from my Secret Pal! It's wonderful and I absolutely love everything! It's got a CD with knitting patterns and magazines, Dark Chocolate, Lavender bath fizzies, and that gorgeous lavender and purple hand painted lace weight yarn. mind has been full of possibilities for what that yarn will become, but I haven't decided yet. Thank you so much, Secret Pal! :)


Your Secret Pal said...

Vicky, I am so happy you liked it =)
I had in mind these Lorna's Laces would make nice self striping socks for you, but you are surely free to do anything you wish with it =)
Get ready to get more spoiled!

Liz said...

Oh, those are lovely secret pal presents!!!! Isn't it nice to be spoiled? :)

I have a brief moment of internet connection before I leave in a couple of hours for another leg of the trip. Have fun at Rheinbeck you lucky woman! Say Hi to Mark for me too! ;)

LadyV said...

I never tire of oooohing and ahhing over Lorna's Laces yarns; so very nice. What a great secret pal you have.

Your Secret Pal said...

Vicky, did u get my 2 emails last week?
Please let me know!

Fiber addikt said...

I haven't had any emails from you, secret pal, in quite awhile. I've missed you too! :)