Monday, June 13, 2005

Been a long time, again

I've been swamped with flying and working on getting the inventory that I've added to my internet and ebay stores up and running! But thank you Veronica, for reminding me that I had not updated my blog in pretty much forever! My current projects shown are a pair of socks that I have one completed of, a pair of dropspindles on which I'm doing about 2 oz each of "Baltic" Multi-colored Merino, and one dropspindle (this is my purse project) on which I'm spinning an organic cotton and merino lamb blend. I also have been volunteering at the Carroll County Farm Museum where I've been spinning Dark Green Multi-colonial Wool for a pair of socks that I'm planning. I did 2 bobbins the last time I was at the farm, and now I'm finishing a third, it'll make up into about 3 skeins of 2 ounces each so hopefully it'll be enough for a pair of beautiful socks for the winter. I'm going to have to think about spinning something naturally colored in the future while doing reinactments, it's ok to talk about natural dyes grown on the farm, but I think I have a nice Shetland Fleece in the basement that I could get carded and spun while acting "Victorian". Lol!

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LadyV said...

It's so nice to see you blogging! A shetland fleece in the basement? Do I sense a new (major) project coming on???